Our Services

Business Development

What We Do

  • We license exclusive products and services for the Nigerian market.
  • We provide marketing support to foreign companies wishing to extend sales of their products and services to the Nigerian market.
  • We develop and commercialize viable and innovative ideas into profitable businesses.

We provide business and marketing support services to create long-term opportunities and growth for our clients through customer acquisition and retention, market development and management, and long-lasting relationships with the stakeholders.

Our executive management team have decades of shared experience and expertise in international business & franchising, finance, law, administration, consulting, mergers & acquisitions, project management, real estate investment, corporate governance and marketing, enabling us to successfully tailor universally tested and cost-effective strategies towards helping our clients succeed in the highly competitive marketplace in Nigeria.

We also specialize in helping talented individuals to develop quality and innovative Ideas into profitable businesses.

Our activities and personal participation creates value and our goal is to help businesses realize their vision.

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Property Development

Our Activities At A Glance

  • We acquire land, rundown properties, auction properties, repossessed properties and exclusive off market properties.
  • We add maximum value through development, refurbishment and renovation
  • We then rent as an income stream or sell at a profit
  • We also provide investment and project management support through Joint Venture Partnership with other time-tested property developers.

As a business development and project management company, we are filled with extensive expertise to deploy solutions that will maximize returns by spotting the marginal gains that most property developers often miss.

Through various synergies with high profile building contractors and our subsidiary companies, Yadah Signature Homes Ltd and Yadah Projects UK Ltd, we have successfully transformed property development opportunities in prime locations across London, United Kingdom and Nigeria into higher yields and margins on cost, faster than many others in the industry. Our proven techniques allow us to achieve the maximum possible risk-adjusted return on all of our property development projects.

We can also act as a trusted partner to other developers by providing development funding and project management support under Joint Venture arrangements. 

We are happy to partner with homeowners, landowners, property developers and financial partners to maximize their investments economic potential.

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Project Financing

Areas Of Interest

  • Real Estate
  • Renewable Energy
  • Oil and Gas
  • Telecommunications
  • Healthcare

We provide specialized project financing designed to overcome the obstacles to securing private sector investment in real estate, renewable energy, oil & gas, telecommunications and healthcare projects.

We can provide the funding as a debt or equity financing as well as bring the technology, suppliers and contractors required to execute the projects.

We raise funding through our partners who have their own extensive global network of accredited finance sources.

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